What is Community Shared Solar?

    Community Solar Panels, Solar Farm

    Want to produce your own clean, solar energy but don’t have a roof to put panels on? Live in a shady area but would like to reap the benefits of solar power? Concerned about the upfront cost and maintenance of solar panels? Centralized solar power, called Community Shared Solar, is the answer!

    Many New Yorkers now have access to solar power even if they don’t have a suitable roof or yard space for traditional solar panels. An innovative model called Community Solar has been helping expand solar access in several states and is now available in New York. YSG Solar is proud to offer Community Solar to our customers. We offer a free, in-person consultation to determine your solar needs.

    Communities in other states (notably our neighbors Massachusetts and Vermont), have joined together to reap the environmental and economic benefits of clean, renewable energy through these Community Solar programs. These programs have enabled participants of the community to pool resources and share the costs and benefits of a single, remotely located solar energy installation.

    Community Solar utilizes a solar electric array with multiple subscribers connected to the utility grid. The subscribers lease some of the solar panels in the array.  Just as if the panels were on their own roofs, subscribers receive a credit on their electric bill for the power the panels produce. Subscribers can even take their solar power with them if they move to another residence or business within the service area.

    When you subscribe to YSG Solar’s Community Solar program, you not only get efficient, long term green energy, you can monitor your your own energy consumption – down to individual outlets – in your own home, for free with YSG’s app, “Power Manager”. What’s to lose? Sign up for your free personal consultation today!